find out the costs of taxi services in Poznan

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Taxi at the best prices in Poznań

Tariffs Details Initial Charge Price per 1km
I Weekday, 6:00-22:00, zone I 5 zł 2,90 zł
II Weekday, 22:00-6:00 5 zł 3,50 zł
IIa Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, zone I 5 zł 3,00 zł
IIb Saturdays, Sundays (until Monday 6:00) and holidays, 22:00-6:00, zone I 5 zł 4,00 zł
III Weekday, 22:00-6:00, zone II 5 zł 3,00 zł
IV Saturday, Sunday and holidays zone II 5 zł 5,00 zł
V Saturday, Sunday and holidays zone II 5 zł 4,00 zł
Weekdays 10:00-14:00, 18:00-22:00, minimum order price (up to 3 km): 15 zł 
Weekdays 22:00-6:00, weekend, holidays and rush hours, minimum price for the order (up to 4 km): 20 zł 


Trips over 100 km - 3.00 zł per kilometer


Type Details Extra charge
KOMBI When ordering a KOMBI car or when the luggage is larger than the trunk of a passenger car 10 zł
COMFORT Only when ordering a COMFORT car 7 zł
MINIBUS In the case of ordering a MINIBUS car or the course would be carried out with the number of passengers exceeding 4, and the Customer did not declare this when ordering the vehicle 20 zł


Additional services Extra charge
Child seat 10 zł
Pets 10 zł
Shopping in zone I 30 zł
Starting the car 25 zł
Towing a car 8 zł + taxi meter x2 (price min. 50 zł to 5km)
Fee if the customer getting the car dirty 250 zł
Driving the car away taxi meter x3
One hour of stoppage 40 zł


Prices of services during periods of high demand (New Year's Day, mass events, weather breakdowns) may increase, but the customer will invariably receive the exact price before the trip.