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OPTITAXI company is a well developing enterprise which cares greatly for the satisfaction of its clients. For this purpose we are offering modern solutions (including the possibility of ordering a rider by means of O Taxi application-Taksówka Online), as well as very competitive prices for the realized journeys. Combination of these attractive prices with a client-tailored approach makes the offer of OPTITAXI a preferred choice of many inhabitants of Poznan. One of our greatest advantages is the low price as well as the system of price quote for all our services, elaborated specifically to meet our needs. Only with us, the price for your journey will be received by you upon ordering a taxi, without any additional, hidden costs! This makes cheap taxis in Poznan available for everyone. We hire only the adequately qualified drivers with perfect knowledge of Poznan topography as well as a minimum of 3 years’ documented experience.
Thanks to this we are one of the fastest moving carriers.
Upon submitting an order our Client has a choice between different car models. The offer consists of journeys realized by means of standard cars, combi cars, business classes and even a minibus drive. When deciding to sightsee Poznan, it is worth it to use OPTITAXI. It is indeed an effective solution to the problem of finding a parking space which has been present in Poznan for many years now and is a true nightmare for tourists. We also have an offer, prepared especially for larger groups. We realize minibus journeys which, contrary to other companies, are in transit all week long, 24 hours a day. Satisfaction of our clients
gives us the motivation for further expansion of the offer and maintaining friendly communication
with our clients. Each person who orders OPTITAXI, will receive a text message shortly after, with details of their ride ( arrival hour and registration number of vehicle). In addition, our client are able to use the „OTaxi – Taksówka online” application on their smartphone. The software is available on all devices with Android and iOS system. It allows to order a taxi to a designated address at a strictly defined time. This all makes us your best choice if you are looking for a reliable and safe carrier around Poznan. We realize transport within the area of entire Poznan. We guarantee attractive prices as well as fast realization of orders.

OPTITAXI taxis service the area of entire Poznan.

The utmost important value for us is our clients’ satisfaction. We strive for it through offering services at the highest level, while maintaining reasonable prices. Our company continuously develops, thanks to which we introduce novelties and bonuses to our offer on an ongoing basis.

Topography of Poznan

Driver we hire know the plan of city by heart, thanks to which they are most effective in omitting traffic jams and reaching the indicated target places in no time. Decide which car you wish to travel in Our clients have the right to choose the vehicle which will carry them. We have classic cars for urban ride as well as cars adjusted to the clients’ references, such as business class cars. Details of each journey are sent via text message Upon ordering a taxi, the client obtains a text message with registration number of the car and a precise time of arrival.

OPTITAXI drivers:

Drivers who work for us are professionals, who:
have at least 3-years, documented professional experience, undergo periodical doctor's check-ups and are capable of working as drivers, are responsible, friendly, caring persons, know Poznan like the back of their own hand, therefore, effectively avoid traffic jams.

At the moment, our cabs are working all over Warsaw.

Our only goal is to meet our customers’ needs by providing a high quality service at reasonable rates. Our company’s fast growth enables us to be up-to-date and incorporate innovations, bonuses and care about the passangers’ comfort into our service.

Map of the City

Our drivers are well familiarized with Warsaw–it enables you to be at your destination quickly.

Cab Class Options

You can choose a standard car to move around the city or a vehicle for individual needs, for example a minibus.

Messaging on Your Phone

You will receive an SMS on your phone stating the exact time of the drive up and cab number.

Taksi na zamówienie

Available taxicabs

Taxi osobowe

The choice of the taxicabs depends on your needs.


Standard cars have a standard level of comfort.


Premium class are equipped with air-conditioner – the cars of increased level of comfort


Prestigious business class cars.


Minivans are equipped with air conditioners and are able to serve of 5 and more passengers.

Our cab drivers

All our cab drivers are professionals:


Have more than 5 years of driving experience.


Responsible, punctual, polite, neat appearance.


Have a good knowledge of the city of Warsaw.

Taksi - przykładowy samochód

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